Chronicle of a death foretold


2 Responses to Chronicle of a death foretold

  1. E says:

    You are an ignorant joke. Just look at the picture you have of yourself…you look retarded. But that semi conscious picture does an accurate portrayal of the kind of activity that’s going on behind it – the only thing it belies is the discriminatory hatred that is a result of its dimness.

    And since you won’t be able to figure this out on your own, no, this comment is not in reference to the article, it’s just the easiest way I could try and help you out.

    Hint: The kind of generalizations I make about your face and its implications for your lack of intelligence are true (that is to say you really ARE dumb), but it’s just luck really, I don’t think your ignorant looking face contributed to your ignorant brain, and I’m only ignorant enough to make judgements about the face of something over one person, you do it over millions.

  2. Dear Maz,

    I’m deputy editor for The Islamic Monthly. How can I reach you concerning an article?

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