Crying Wolf: How Fear-Mongering About a Nuclear Iran Never Gets Old









“Within three to five years we can assume that Iran will become autonomous in its ability to develop and produce a nuclear bomb.”

These words were Benjamin Netanyahu’s ominous warning to the Israeli Knesset, predicting the imminent rise of a nuclear armed and ostensibly aggressive Iran. The interesting thing about this quote is that it was given by Netanyahu to the Knesset in 1992. Then there was Israeli President Shimon Peres telling American television viewers to expect an Iranian nuclear bomb within “three to four years” – that’s three to four years from 1996, when he made that statement. Not long after, the CIA issued a report predicting that Iran would have nuclear capacity by 2000. And who can forget last year’s hysterical headline on the cover of the Atlantic Magazine, in which Jeffrey Goldberg warned that Israel was six months away from bombing Iran? And now, here we are again, with another IAEA report fueling fears that Iran is on the brink of having the bomb.

Nima Shirazi has done a great service by painstakingly documenting over 25 years of hyperbolic fear-mongering about the spectre of a nuclear armed Iran; a huge catalogue of dire warnings which passed their expiry date ineffectually despite their authors’ promise of impending doomsday. What is evident in all of these news articles is that the old adage about how crying wolf diminishes the credibility of a particular claim seems to be conveniently suspended when it comes to dealing with Iran’s nuclear program.

Full article available at Aslan Media.


One Response to Crying Wolf: How Fear-Mongering About a Nuclear Iran Never Gets Old

  1. Steve from Raleigh says:

    You assume that Iran will make some sort of grand gesture and announce it, while at the same time you assert that doing so would be tantamount to suicide.

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